City shouldn't pay for downtown shopping guide - 1987-10-15

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F15.png City shouldn't pay for downtown shopping guide October 15, 1987, Editorial, St. Petersburg Times

"My initial reaction was there's no way I will support paying the Scientologists to do a brochure on downtown," Mayor Rita Garvey said last week. We trust that will continue to be the reaction of Garvey and her fellow commissioners.

It appears that the commission will be able to conveniently sidestep the matter because it is getting ready to create an advisory task force that will "develop and recommend a promotional program (for downtown)." Commissioners will recommend people for the task force at their Nov. 2 work session, and its job will be to figure out how to best spend $100,000 budgeted for "activities to promote the redevelopment of the downtown area." Printing a Scientology-produced brochure certainly should not be one of those activities.

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