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Clearwater: city of Scientology? - 2017-05-30

F355.png Clearwater: city of Scientology? May 30, 2017, DW Documentary, YouTube

The controversial Church of Scientology has been taking over the city of Clearwater in Florida. Other residents feel marginalized.

Approximately one million German tourists visit Clearwater Beach in Florida every year. But hardly anyone ventures across the bridge that connects the beach with the city. The city itself is dead, with empty shops, darkened windows and uniforms on the streets. The reason: it's run by the mighty Scientology sect.

"Scientology is very hostile to the outside world. Scientologists think they are superior, with superpowers and special privileges," says radio journalist Tom Smith. "This is irreconcilable with a democratic republic." Smith is frightened and angry about what is happening in his hometown. For example, it is practically impossible to move around the city center without being monitored by the Scientologists' security cameras.

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