Conspiracy to Obstruct: A Tale of Two Hotels - 2023-07-21

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F0.png Conspiracy to Obstruct: A Tale of Two Hotels July 21, 2023, Jay Kuo, The Status Kuo

With a new federal indictment on three charges due to land any day, there is renewed focus on exactly where all the criming by Trump and his co-conspirators was plotted and planned.

According to reporting by Rolling Stone, which improbably has been at the forefront of great breaking stories around January 6th, Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team have zeroed in on at least one of these locales—the Willard Hotel—where Trump's top advisers huddled and schemed in the days leading up to the attack on the Capitol.

On top of that, citizen journalists, such as Seth Abramson in his Proof newsletter, long ago also pointed to a "war council" of 23 or so people convened on January 5, 2021 at another D.C. location—Trump's private residence at the Trump International Hotel—which may have been linked up by phone or video with the plotters at the Willard.

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