Coronavirus: Conservatives play China blame game - 2020-04-20

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F0.png Coronavirus: Conservatives play China blame game April 20, 2020, Enzo DiMatteo, Now Magazine

After a month spent reorienting ourselves to the new normal in the fight against the pandemic, there has been a noticeable uptick in the partisan finger-pointing in recent days. We all want answers on how we got here, only life is not so simple. Neither is understanding the coronavirus.

The slow simmer of criticism over the Liberal government's pandemic preparedness, along with the government's relations with China and its apparent delay in notifying the World Health Organization (WHO) of the potential public health threat, boiled over on Saturday.

Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer went as far as to say that Canada needs to "rethink" its relationship with China. Peter MacKay, the man looking to replace Scheer as party leader, went further. He described Canada's foreign policy toward China as "bootlicking." Earlier last week, Alberta premier Jason Kenney, who it should be noted has seen his approval ratings drop during the crisis, blamed Canada's chief medical officer of health Theresa Tam for "parroting" China's response to the pandemic. Whipping up the red scare has been an unfortunate characteristic of the crisis, not to mention a popular wedge for Scheer.

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