Courts are catching up to Ford's 'unlawful' ways - 2018-09-03

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F94.png Courts are catching up to Ford's 'unlawful' ways September 3, 2018, Martin Regg Cohn, Toronto Star

The rule of Ford has come up against the rule of law — and had its comeuppance in court. The premier who presumed he had unchallenged power to zap carbon pricing, attack sex-ed, target Tesla and meddle in Toronto elections is getting tied up in legal knots.

Even if none of his ministers dares stand up to Ford, a sitting judge had no hesitation speaking truth to power last week. More may soon follow.

In the first of Ford's legal confrontations, he was trounced by Tesla — that emblem of elitist environmentalism. The Tories had tried to make an example of the luxury California carmaker by depriving it of rebates flowing to competitors. But Justice Frederick Myers wasn't buying it — lambasting the government for acting in an "egregious" and "unlawful" way. He also ordered it to pay $125,000 for Tesla's legal costs.

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