Dark Money Pours Into Wisconsin Supreme Court Race - 2020-04-05

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F0.png Dark Money Pours Into Wisconsin Supreme Court Race April 5, 2020, David Moore, Sludge

The groups buying ads to promote Kelly—Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC)—have ties to the dark money network that spent tens of millions to block President Obama's Supreme Court pick and to confirm Trump's.

Both groups have received funding from the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN), a nonprofit that pledged last year to spend $10 million to support Trump's U.S. Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh, the same amount it spent in 2017 to help confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch. JCN has been heavily funded by the Wellspring Committee, a dark money group with ties to the Koch network that was primarily funded by a single anonymous donor. The Wellspring Committee, which shut down in December 2018, was also a likely conduit for a mysterious $1 million donation to the Trump inaugural committee.

JCN and the Wellspring Committee have both made payments to BH Group, which, according to documents filed at the FEC, is affiliated with Federalist Society executive vice president Leonard Leo, who has worked with national Republicans to install far-right judges. Kelly is a former president and board of advisors member of the Milwaukee Lawyer's Chapter of the Federalist Society.

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