Does Shelly Miscavige know it's Christmas? - 2018-12-25

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F347.png Does Shelly Miscavige know it's Christmas? December 25, 2018, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

The question "Where's Shelly" reached a whole new audience this month thanks to Leah's television show, which provided a lot of background for viewers about Shelly's upbringing. But the episode was light on details about Shelly's current whereabouts and what we've learned about it in recent years. It was obvious from the huge number of questions we got on social media this week that viewers were left with a lot of questions. So on this meaningful day, let's revisit some facts.

It was late August or early September in 2005 when Shelly vanished. We know that you heard Valerie Haney, in her episode this season, say it was 2006, and a lot of media tends to say that. But when we talked with Valerie directly for our follow-up interview and compared notes with her, she agreed with our other eyewitnesses that it was late summer 2005 when Shelly disappeared, not 2006.

As we pointed out in a video we put out recently, the last public footage we have of Shelly was from September 2004, when Shelly was with Dave and with Tom Cruise at the Ideal Org opening in Madrid. It was at that event when Tom admitted to Dave that after breaking up with Penelope Cruz he was looking for a new girlfriend. Shelly was then put in charge of the effort to audition actresses to find a new mate for Tom, resulting that November in recruiting Nazanin Boniadi for the role. After that relationship broke up in January 2005, Tom found Katie Holmes on his own and their relationship became public in April.

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