Don't stick Toronto with Ford's transit bills - 2019-10-14

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F94.png Don't stick Toronto with Ford's transit bills October 14, 2019, Editorial, Toronto Star

TTC riders still don't know what new transit lines they'll get or when they'll be built. And now they don't even know who will wind up owning the city's subway system.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford seems to have taken to backtracking on his own government's plans with the same vigour he previously applied to blowing up other governments' plans. The result is the same — chaos and confusion.

First, Ford blew up the city's longstanding plan to build a downtown relief line, with shovels to have gone in the ground next year. He promised to upload the city's subway system and replaced the relief line with his "faster, better, cheaper" Ontario line. When he unveiled this in the spring he really seemed to expect a standing ovation as he portrayed himself as a white knight bringing transit to those in need.

Now, he's offering to let the city keep its subway system so long as council endorses his Ontario line, which will release billions in federal funds to help pay for the $11-billion (or so) project, according to reporting by the Star's Ben Spurr.

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