Donald Trump continues to stoke a domestic terrorism movement - 2021-11-18

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F1.png Donald Trump continues to stoke a domestic terrorism movement November 18, 2021, Mark Follman, Mother Jones

The attack on American democracy that took place on January 6, 2021, is not just harrowing history of almost a year ago. It is an attack that remains ongoing.

Ever since the late afternoon of that day—when the White House posted a short video of Donald Trump expressing "love" for the "very special" people who stormed Congress and telling them belatedly to go home—the 45th president has deceived the public about the horrific siege that shook Capitol Hill and the nation. He has denied the many vicious attacks on police by describing his supporters' interactions with them as a "lovefest," ignored the more than $30 million in damage and security costs, and falsely claimed that the insurrectionists, many of whom were armed, had "no guns whatsoever." In a recently revealed interview with a book author recorded in March, Trump sided with the bloodthirsty mob that threatened to hang Mike Pence and admitted he had no concerns that day about the safety of his sitting vice president.

Now, the twice-impeached former president is pushing his most brazen narrative yet in support of the insurrection. Since mid-October, in a series of statements posted online and in remarks to right-wing media and at fundraising events, Trump has sought to fully transform the Capitol siege into a patriotic triumph of the Republican Party. He started rolling out his latest messaging as the House select committee investigating January 6 issued a wave of subpoenas whose targets Trump instructed not to comply, including now-indicted ally Steve Bannon. Trump's effort goes beyond repeating his long-running lie about the 2020 election being "stolen" through "massive fraud." Using a familiar tactic, he is now appropriating language about the insurrection and the so-called Big Lie that drove it as he aims to flip reality on its head.

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