Doug Ford, Ontario's LGBTQ community gains an enemy - 2018-03-29

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F0.png Doug Ford, Ontario's LGBTQ community gains an enemy March 29, 2018, Gerard Veldhoven, Cumberland News Now

Doug Ford gained the endorsement from two pastors with a history of preaching hate filled with homophobia and anti-semetism.

Referring to Ford as a "faithful man," they have no qualms about supporting a man who plainly relishes his disdain for the LGBTQ community. Charles McVety, who is president of the Canada Christian College, and a former TV Evangelist, was removed from the air following complaints that he made "discriminatory comments." The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that McVety violated codes by saying "distorted facts" and contributing "abusive comments about homosexuals," and specifically "suggesting that homosexuals prey on children."

He was also head of the Institute for Canadian Values, a think tank that targets the LGBTQ community.

Paul Melnichek is another Ford supporter and anti-LGBTQ. A very wealthy Canadian evangelist, he also has a well-documented hatred for Jewish people. Ford has surrounded himself with the discriminating religious right and if he wins the provincial election, Ontarians will be faced with a solid increase in discriminating action by Doug Ford. He has already promised to remove sex education from the school curriculum and just may return the province with anti-abortion laws. Time will reveal reality.

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