Doug Ford, liability - 2019-06-10

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F253.png Doug Ford, liability June 10, 2019, Matt Gurney, Macleans

The Globe's Laura Stone apparently had the same instant reaction I had—did Andrew Scheer's team lean on Ford's, using whatever mixture of carrot and stick proved necessary, to convince the premier to just kind of … well, go away for a few months?

No, said the Conservatives. "Nobody in the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition was in touch with Premier Ford's office about his decision to adjourn the Legislature," the Globe quoted one of Scheer's spokesmen as saying.

I'm cynical enough to note with interest the careful phrasing. There's an awful lot of people Andrew Scheer could call on to act as an emissary to Ford's team who aren't on staff with the opposition leader's office. Still, for the sake of argument, let's take the statement at face value. Whatever the reason for Ford's decision, if you're Scheer, it's probably a damn good thing.

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