Duffy connected charity critic to lucrative industry cash - 2015-05-04

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F99.png Duffy connected charity critic to lucrative industry cash May 4, 2015, Sandy Garossino, National Observer

Poorly redacted entries in Mike Duffy's diary suggest that the then-senator used his influence and connections during early 2012 to set in motion a lucrative flow of petroleum and mining industry speaking fees to Vivian Krause — the star witness at parliamentary hearings that set the stage for the Harper government's scorching attack on environmental charities.

Entries in Duffy's calendar show that he met with, assisted and promoted the controversial charities critic. Krause, a North Vancouver-based blogger and Financial Post contributor, is mentioned more than a dozen times in Duffy's personal calendar in the first half of 2012. During this period, the National Energy Board's contentious hearings for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline began, and Krause was featured prominently in the Harper government's ambitious agenda targeting charities.

Krause took center stage as three parliamentary hearings and a Senate inquiry between January and June 2012 attempted to cast doubt on the integrity of Canadian environmental charities. Her claims critiquing foreign donations to environmental charities became the talking points of Prime Minister Harper, senior cabinet ministers, and prompted an $8 million Canada Revenue Agency audit of the "political activities" of charities — many of which oppose oil sands development.

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