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Evidence? Nope, nada - 2002-02-05

F0.png Evidence? Nope, nada February 5, 2002, Clint Talbott, Daily Camera

(Hunter Colorado Associates belongs to Norton S. Karno, a California lawyer who served as a personal tax attorney for L. Ron Hubbard and the "church" of Scientology. Karno was an executor of Hubbard's will. Karno or one of his corporations owns more than 500 pieces of real estate nationwide, including seven parcels in Boulder County.)

Norback isn't focused on (and doesn't know about) the Scientology connection. He's thinking about the animals. On Monday, he surveyed the place where, he figures, 95 percent of the prairie dogs were killed. As he spoke, four or five prairie dogs bobbed in and out of holes at the west side of the property. They are among the few survivors.

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