Ex-Trump Aide Michael Caputo Scrambles to Scrub Russia From Bio - 2017-11-07

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F375.png Ex-Trump Aide Michael Caputo Scrambles to Scrub Russia From Bio November 7, 2017, Lachlan Markay, Daily Beast

Former Donald Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo is determined to prove that he did not work for Vladimir Putin, and he's using every tool at his disposal to do so—from a congressional ethics complaint, to a defamation lawsuit, to a surreptitious Wikipedia edit campaign.

Sean Dwyer, an employee of Caputo's PR firm, Zeppelin Communications, was blocked from Wikipedia in August after he was caught using multiple pseudonymous accounts to purge Caputo's page of alleged Putin ties, according to an investigation by the site's editors. After the accounts were exposed as what Wikipedia calls "sock puppets"—multiple accounts run by the same person as part of a coordinated editing campaign—Dwyer admitted he had financial ties to the subjects of his edits.

It's just the latest front in Caputo's battles to save his reputation from, what he sees as, Russian smears. He also says he has filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) over comments at a congressional hearing in March, where the California Democrat accused Caputo of having been Russian president Vladimir Putin's "image consultant." In emails with The Daily Beast, Caputo said he will also be filing a defamation lawsuit against Zac Petkanas, a Democratic strategist who worked on Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and accused Caputo of being "a Russian stooge who used to work for Vladimir Putin" in a Fox News segment last month.

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