Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones's Infowars - 2017-07-21

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F0.png Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones's Infowars July 21, 2017, Graeme Gordon, Canadaland

During Levant's roughly 17-minute appearance, the two discussed how Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East and how Western countries are supposedly under attack from Muslim refugee "wolves."

Levant had recently returned from a trip to Iraq.

The Rebel has been increasingly friendly with the American outlet that generates and promotes Trump propaganda and conspiracy theories and that has a regular monthly audience estimated at four million. Rebel personalities like Tommy Robinson and Laura Loomer have been on Jones's show, and former Rebel correspondent Jack Posobiec also guested many times. Vice co-founder and now Rebel commentator Gavin McInnes also makes regular appearances on Jones's show.

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