Faith itself is not Andrew Scheer's problem - 2019-12-01

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F94.png Faith itself is not Andrew Scheer's problem December 1, 2019, Robin V. Sears, Opinion, Toronto Star

Jagmeet Singh arguably had the best personal performance as a political leader in the federal election. Facing pundits who were betting that the party would lose its official status, a campaign war-chest half of what it had been a decade earlier and a very low recognition level among most Canadians, he campaigned boldly and with demonstrable joy.

That he was of a very different faith to that of most Canadians never entered any political comment by him or about him. Conservative leaders from Mulroney, through Charest and Harper each had strong religious backgrounds, also not shared by a majority of Canadians. Liberal prime ministers from Trudeau père to Justin were challenged by Catholic activists to "abide by their faith" politically, each avoided the trap.

Canada has an evolving conviction about faith and politics – and it runs in one direction: separation of church and state. Ironically, Americans have a constitutional sanction against muddling the two and their political drift is in the other direction.

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