Ford's cuts to health care and our rights - 2019-08-14

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F0.png Ford's cuts to health care and our rights August 14, 2019, Tina S. Beier, blogs,

Doug Ford's government in Ontario is making dozens of cuts to health care, but I am especially concerned about those that affect reproductive health care and the LGBTQ+ community. Cuts are rarely the way to an inclusive, fair system.

I understand the monetary rationale behind stopping free prescriptions for children with parents who have private coverage. Yet, this is terrible for young women and transgender people. If a young person wishes to go on the pill but does not want their parents to know (due to fear of punishment), they cannot do that now if their parents have private coverage. While a doctor's appointment is confidential, a prescription for birth control would be run through the parents' plan. If a young person must ask their parents to pay for their contraceptive (whether they fear mistreatment or not), they are less likely to get any. Chances are this young person will have had only the rudimentary sex education the Ford government believes necessary, meaning they are likely to misuse other forms of contraception. From a completely monetary standpoint, which Ford clearly prefers, this is ridiculous. A young person unable to exercise contraception, due to misinformation or lack of education, increases health-care costs in the long run. Providing free prescriptions for the pill or IUDs would save the money Ford is so worried about.

Likewise, the dismissal of the improved, highly researched sex-ed curriculum in exchange for the archaic sex-ed I grew up with is troubling. I learned two things from my public school sex-ed:

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