Ford defends long summer break for MPPs - 2019-06-07

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F94.png Ford defends long summer break for MPPs June 7, 2019, Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star

Premier Doug Ford is playing his cards close to his chest as he moves toward a cabinet shuffle with his government struggling in public opinion heading into its second year. Using 19 of his cabinet ministers as a backdrop, Ford held a news conference Friday to claim that "Ontario is back on the right track" under his Progressive Conservatives 12 months after they were elected with a stunning majority last June, just three months after he won the party leadership.

The premier tried to deflect talk of a shuffle that has gripped his ministers and MPPs for days and is widely expected now that the legislature has adjourned for its summer break. "The men and women standing behind me, each and every one of them, are more than capable of popping in to any portfolio and getting the job done," Ford told reporters during a 27-minute question-and-answer session. "You folks can lay bets. I remember hearing this rumour back at Christmas as well."

"They need to go back to their ridings and talk to the people who elected them," Ford said in a conference room at a Hilton hotel on the airport strip, near a policy meeting held with MPPs. Ford, whose government is running ads against the federal carbon levy, insisted he is not going to get involved in the federal election. "We have our plates full," he said.

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