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Former Rebel Contributors Accuse Ezra Levant Of "Doxxing" Them - 2017-08-19

F0.png Former Rebel Contributors Accuse Ezra Levant Of "Doxxing" Them August 19, 2017, Graeme Gordon, Canadaland

The former Rebel contributors who published a video containing explosive allegations concerning the company's business practises — and who Rebel founder Ezra Levant subsequently accused of "blackmail" in his own video — are alleging that Levant "doxxed" them by displaying their home address to Rebel viewers.

Caolan Robertson and partner/producer George Llewelyn-John live together in a house in Bedfordshire that formerly served as a home base for The Rebel's UK operations. They recently entered a 12-month lease for the property, with the intention of continuing their Rebel work not far from Tommy Robinson, the site's biggest British name. There were two other Rebel employees living in the house, but on Friday they were suddenly whisked away.

"Rebel doxxed me and released my full address, today (one day after) he told the two Rebel employees who were living with me to move out immediately, a moving van came today, and they are now gone, for their safety?" Robertson told CANADALAND in a message Friday. "Antifa has already 'liked' a screenshot [of the address]."

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