Gab's CEO courted prominent anti-Semites for his site - 2021-03-10

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F1.png Gab's CEO courted prominent anti-Semites for his site March 10, 2021, Ali Breland, Mother Jones

Since 2016, when Andrew Torba founded Gab, a Twitter clone that boasts that it "champions free speech," it has served as a haven for alt-righters, QAnon supporters, and other far-right groups banned from mainstream platforms. Recent private Gab messages from Torba, made available last week by a whistleblowing website after a massive hack of the platform, show him directly wooing bigoted conservative figures to the site and working to showcase their content.

The messages were obtained by a hacker who goes by JaXpArO and provided to DDosLeaks, a website that calls itself a "transparency collective." This immense cache of stolen Gab data includes a conversation in which Torba welcomed Daryush Valizadeh, a misogynist and anti-semitic right-wing internet figure, to the platform. Valizadeh, a pickup artist, video maker, and blogger known as as Roosh V within the online "manosphere," has bragged about committing acts of sexual assault and derided Jews. While he's taken steps to distance himself from the alt-right, he has had ties to the movement and supported Richard Spencer, the white nationalist who gave it its name. None of that history stopped Torba from extending what Valizadeh called a "warm welcome" to Gab.

The chat suggests "Torba has a direct appreciation for individuals that promote antisemitism and hate."

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