Ginni Thomas' White House Meeting Was Just Her Latest Grift - 2019-01-29

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F0.png Ginni Thomas' White House Meeting Was Just Her Latest Grift January 29, 2019, Mark Joseph Stern, Slate Magazine

Who joined Ginni in pushing for patronage? Talking Points Memo revealed on Monday that among the 16 people at the meeting were Connie Hair, Frank Gaffney, and Rosemary Jenks. Hair is chief of staff to GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert and former spokeswoman for Arizona's Minuteman militia and has written articles decrying the Muslim Brotherhood's "infiltration of American government" and the ostensible spread of sharia law in America. Gaffney is the founder of the anti-Muslim Center for Security Policy who accused Obama of being a secret Muslim and claimed pipe bombs sent to Democrats allegedly by an unhinged Trump supporter were a false flag. Jenks is the director of government relations at NumbersUSA, a white nationalist anti-immigrant group. In 2008, she spoke at the conference of the outwardly racist Social Contract Press, which publishes tracts claiming that Hispanic immigrants seek a race war against whites.

On Tuesday, Ginni doubled down on her apparent conspiracy theory, writing on Facebook that "the Trump White House staff hoped to distance" her associates "from their President" and warning of their "sabotage." But it is not difficult to guess why Trump's aides would like Groundswell members out of the administration. These individuals are fringe activists like Ginni, politically toxic even to this nativist president. Were it not for their connection to the spouse of a Supreme Court justice beloved by the administration, they would almost certainly never have gotten a face-to-face meeting with Trump.

The New York Times report is not so much shocking as it is pitiable. Despite her relentless cheerleading for Trump, this is what Ginni Thomas has been reduced to: a gadfly on the periphery of the White House, demanding government jobs for her friends. Trump was apparently too polite to rebuff Ginni to her face, but his silence in the meeting speaks volumes. The president knows that she possesses no real power. He need only do what so many others have done when Ginni Thomas comes calling: humor her, then move on.

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