Harper's Audit-the-Enemy Strategy Fulfills Nixon's Dream - 2013-07-25

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F364.png Harper's Audit-the-Enemy Strategy Fulfills Nixon's Dream July 25, 2013, Kevin Grandia, Huffington Post

Nixon's list was dubbed the "opponents list" by his political staffers and was part of larger strategy they called the "Political Enemies Project." This disturbing strategy came to light during the Senate Committee hearings looking into the Watergate scandal that eventually forced President Nixon to resign in disgrace in August, 1974.

But the comparison between Harper and Nixon lists goes much further than this enemy list business. In fact, the strategies being employed by Harper against his opponents are virtually indistinguishable from Nixon's. Harper is fully executing Nixon's strategy - but with greater success.

Nixon's "Political Enemies Strategy" was to create a list of political opponents and people unfriendly to his administration and then go after those people and organizations via tax audits by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Nixon and his staffers knew that an audit by the IRS has the power to bring an organization to its knees. Audits take up massive amounts of staff time and expensive lawyers and accountants usually have to be hired to meet all the requests of the auditors.

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