Harper and Trump: political peas in a pod - 2017-11-26

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F0.png Harper and Trump: political peas in a pod November 26, 2017, Michael Harris, Opinion, iPolitics

For those Americans who have enjoyed their Thanksgiving turkey and college football, but just can't digest Donald Trump, a message of hope from the Great White North: his days are numbered.

I say that because we have seen the same movie in Canada. For nearly 10 years, we had a leader who was neo-conservative, populist and authoritarian. The major difference between our two countries is that Canadians know how the movie ends, while many Americans are full of angst. They fear that the Orange One is not just an aberration, but the future. That turned out not to be true for 'Harperism' and it won't be true for 'Trumpism' either.

The evidence is overwhelming that President Donald Trump is playing from former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's doomed playbook.

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