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Harperman, a Protest Song - 2015-06-22

F355.png Harperman, a Protest Song June 22, 2015, Report from Parliament - with Andrew Hall, YouTube

Welcome to the famous Harperman video, a protest song that helped defeat the Conservative government of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the October 19 Canadian election. Canadians across the country enjoyed the high from getting together and singing for political change in the Harperman sing-alongs held during September and October. They were a fun and festive way to celebrate and at the same time protest the Conservative government.

Tony's promotion of the Harperman song, i.e. this music video, resulted in his suspension from the federal public service in early August and led to Tony taking early retirement. To find out more, go to the web site for details.

This video was recorded in a live session on 12 June 2015 and features Tony Turner on guitar and lead vocal, with Ann Downey on upright bass. Tony got his inspiration from an article in a social justice newsletter and added to the list to create a toe-tapping participation song of protest.

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