Here Are the Media Chuds Joining Fake Gawker - 2019-01-16

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F0.png Here Are the Media Chuds Joining Fake Gawker January 16, 2019, Laura Wagner, Splinter News

Gawker, a good website which was bankrupted in 2016 and then sold last year to Bryan Goldberg, a man committed to face-tuned photos of himself, creating shitty media companies powered by exploited labor, and spouting Richard Spencer-like bullshit about immigrant birth rates on Facebook, will be relaunched early this year. It will be led by Amanda Hale, who was most recently in charge of strategy and growth at the now-shriveled website the Outline. The staff—Carson Griffith, Ben Barna, Maya Kosoff, and Anna Breslaw—was announced today (hours after I messaged them saying I was naming them in this story) and holy shit!

A Business of Fashion article published last week about Goldberg and his company, Bustle Digital Group, said the new Gawker would "hire marquee writers and publish longform journalism." While some of the people who are on board, like former Vanity Fair writer Maya Kosoff, probably qualify as "marquee writers," Anna Breslaw and Ben Barna are relatively unknown. The other, editorial director Carson Griffith, who, going by her social media presence, appears to be a bigoted, overgrown sorority girl, is perhaps just someone in whom Goldberg recognizes himself.

In the spirit of Gawker, whose stated mission was to tell the stories journalists talk about at the bar after work, here's what we know about all the people who have been hired at the new Gawker (or who are rumored to have been approached about joining).

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