How Canada made the Koch brothers rich - 2015-05-04

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F99.png How Canada made the Koch brothers rich May 4, 2015, Bruce Livesey, National Observer

The attacks were nasty.

In the winter of 2011, Karen Kleiss, a reporter with the Edmonton Journal, wrote a story about how Koch Industries Inc. had hired a lobbyist in Alberta. The story provided background on the Wichita, Kansas-based energy conglomerate, its presence in Alberta, and its American billionaire owners, Charles and David Koch.

Kleiss reported at the time that no one from Koch Industries addressed her questions. Nevertheless, after her story appeared, Koch Industries went on the offensive. On their website, – and in vivid red type – they lashed out at Kleiss's article, claiming it was "slanted," that it "parroted partisan political rhetoric and other distortions" and that its coverage of the Koch brothers registering a lobbyist in Alberta was a "purported story." The Koch Industries representative summed up by saying:

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