How Doug Ford turned Ontario on its head - 2019-04-12

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F94.png How Doug Ford turned Ontario on its head April 12, 2019, Mitch Potter, Toronto Star

Buck-a-beer at your corner store. Stickers on the gas pump to remind you just who is taxing carbon. Trained-seal obedience in the legislature, with not just fealty but requisite standing ovations for Ford's every utterance. Oh, and don't forget bars wide open for business at 9 a.m. and American-style tailgating parties coming soon to a football game near you. Wear a toga, why doncha?

A slogan on a licence plate may be utterly meaningless in the grand scheme of what's to become of Ontario — but it's already proving the greatest hit in a growing list of hot-topic distractions sucking up political oxygen just as the Doug Ford government embarks on actual era-defining change.

From the vengeful, shock-and-awe downsizing of Toronto city council to the ham-fisted and ultimately failed attempt to install old family friend Ron Taverner atop the Ontario Provincial Police, isn't Ford still simply bumbling forward with a haphazard bagful of random ideas, still clumsily feeling out the limits of his new-found power?

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