How QAnon is attracting cops - 2020-09-28

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F1.png How QAnon is attracting cops September 28, 2020, Ali Breland, Mother Jones

Chances are, you already don't trust the police. Polls show that most Americans don't.

But what if the cop patrolling your neighborhood held bizarre and unsubstantiated views? What if there was a chance that officer in the patrol car idling down the block was watching videos about a conspiracy holding that a satanic cabal of high-profile liberal pedophiles is running the world's most insidious sex ring? Or was swiping through memes popularizing a made-up plot about kidnapped children kept in underground tunnels so their blood can be harvested to help keep wealthy people alive? And what if they sincerely believed it all?

In a small but growing number of places across the country, that's just what is happening, as police officers have endorsed QAnon, the overarching conspiracy theory comprising these beliefs.

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