How Trump Took the Middle Class to the Cleaners - 2020-10-26

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F344.png How Trump Took the Middle Class to the Cleaners October 26, 2020, Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone

Donald Trump is gifted at marketing stodgy, old-line Republican policies as though they're bold, transgressive, and new. Think of it as policy laundering. And nowhere has this deception been executed to more damaging effect than in Trump's handling of the economy.

As a candidate, Trump positioned himself as a different kind of Republican. With all the integrity of a late-night infomercial host, Trump rinsed away the taint of decades of GOP economic mismanagement. In a spin cycle, he promised his plans would bring prosperity to a long-overlooked working class. But what Trump ultimately delivered is what all Republican presidents have delivered since Ronald Reagan: bubbly new wealth for the already rich, while putting the middle-class through the wringer.

This cycle has played out twice in plain view: First with Trump's 2017 tax cut, which showered wealth on the richest, offering the middle class a drop in the bucket, and now with a pandemic response that has inflated the wealth of billionaires, even as main-street America reels under a Depression-level crisis. If Donald Trump fooled you once, shame on him. If he fools you twice, shame on you.

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