How much oddity can one town take? - 2000-02-06

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F15.png How much oddity can one town take? February 6, 2000, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

His in-your-face strategy comes across as extraordinarily bold to locals who have come to know Scientology as a church that does not turn the other cheek. To them, it is a bit like whacking a bee hive then waiting around to be swarmed.

Minton has become one more curiosity in a downtown trying to shed its unconventional image as Scientology's mecca, where hundreds in uniform crowd the streets and are shuttled around in converted city buses.

But the added spectacle of Minton vs. the Scientologists couldn't come at a worse time for city officials who are courting out-of-town developers and dreaming of a new downtown waterfront, just two blocks west of Watterson.

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