If We Don't Reform the Supreme Court, Nothing Else Will Matter - 2020-02-28

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F340.png If We Don't Reform the Supreme Court, Nothing Else Will Matter February 28, 2020, Elie Mystal, The Nation

Not a single significant policy or initiative proposed by the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination is likely to survive a Supreme Court review. Nothing on guns, nothing on climate, nothing on health care—nothing survives the conservative majority on today's court. Democrats can win the White House with a huge popular mandate, take back the Senate, and nuke the filibuster, but Chief Justice John Roberts and his four associates will still be waiting for them.1 Ad Policy

If the Democratic candidates are serious about advancing their agenda—be it a progressive agenda or a center-left agenda or a billionaire's agenda—then they have to be serious about undertaking major, structural Supreme Court reform. That reform is not airy wish-casting by a hard left dreaming of revolution. It is the practical first step toward getting any meaningful Democratic policies through all three branches of government. Either court reform happens or nothing happens. People who focus only on Congress or the presidency are like people who plan a road trip thinking only about their eventual destination. They forget that without gas, nobody is going anywhere.2

Court reform can take a variety of forms, some blunt and partisan, others intricate and geared toward balance. But at its core, Supreme Court reform involves shaking up the configuration of the court. And at its core, it is constitutional. That's because the Constitution provides Congress with wide latitude in structuring the court.3

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