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In Indonesia, Some Groups Mix Relief, Religion - 2005-01-16

F263.png In Indonesia, Some Groups Mix Relief, Religion January 16, 2005, Farah Stockman, Boston Globe

Over the past few decades, the Church of Scientology has shown up after earthquakes and disasters around the world, including the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, where the group largely operated under a different name, and in Beslan, during the hostage crisis at a school in the Russian city. In Beslan, the local government swiftly asked law enforcement to shut down the group's operation, arguing that its psychological tactics could be harmful for hostage survivors, according to Russian news reports.

But in Banda Aceh, the Church of Scientology is so unknown and trauma from the tsunami so widespread that it has made swift inroads, giving massages to the Indonesian military and training university students and large groups of volunteers.

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