Inside Ginni Thomas' 'Insane' Hiring Memos for Trump - 2022-04-01

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F375.png Inside Ginni Thomas' 'Insane' Hiring Memos for Trump April 1, 2022, Asawin Suebsaeng, Daily Beast

Years before she became one of then-President Donald Trump's most prominent coup supporters, Ginni Thomas was already notorious in his West Wing for, among other things, ruining staffers' afternoons by working Trump into fits of vengeful rage.

"We all knew that within minutes after Ginni left her meeting with the president, he would start yelling about firing people for being disloyal," said a former senior Trump administration official. "When Ginni Thomas showed up, you knew your day was wrecked."

Ever since she became a welcome guest at Trump's residences, Thomas—an influential and longtime conservative activist, and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas—had perfected a proven formula of enthralling and manipulating the president's emotions and mood. On multiple occasions throughout the Trump era, Thomas would show up in the White House, sometimes for a private meeting or a luncheon with the president. She often came armed with written memos of who she and her allies believed Trump should hire for plum jobs—and who she thought Trump should promptly purge—that she distributed to Trump and other high-ranking government officials.

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