Inside the Willard Hotel on January 6 - 2021-06-08

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F0.png Inside the Willard Hotel on January 6 June 8, 2021, Seth Abramson, Proof

That the Willard Hotel was central to the Trumpist insurrection prior to January 6 and on January 6 is clear. As previously reported by Proof, key insurrectionist leaders stayed there in both November and December of 2020 during Stop the Steal events, and, per a report by ProPublica, a chance meeting between Stop the Steal organizer Alex Jones and Cindy Chafian, a coordinator for Women for America First—arguably a domestic extremist group—led directly to the chaos, mayhem, and violence of the insurrection:

Cindy Chafian, a longtime organizer, said that in December [2020] she met [Alex] Jones "by complete happenstance" at the Willard Hotel in Washington. Not long before, Chafian said, Jones had had a falling out with the leadership of Women for America First. Chafian, who is a reiki practitioner, said she was "put in a position, in my opinion based on what I know from the universe, to clear that energy. To clear that negativity." Later that month, Jones contacted Chafian to discuss staging a January rally in support of an effort by Trump and his allies to overturn the election results and President Joe Biden's victory, she said. He subsequently directed her to [Trump adviser Kimberly Guilfoyle's aide Caroline] Wren.

Chafian is being extremely coy here, as what actually happened, per CNN, is that Jones was investigated by the D.C. Metropolitan Police for "threaten[ing] to [physically] push a pro-Trump political organizer [ Kylie Jane Kremer of Women for America First] off of an event stage in December [2020]." In any case, the fact remains that if domestic extremists from Women for America First and Stop the Steal hadn't both been using the Willard as an operations center during the run-up to the insurrection, Chafian wouldn't have been in a position to conduct diplomacy between the groups.

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