Investigator Admits Guilt in Hiring of a Hacker - 2015-03-06

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F37.png Investigator Admits Guilt in Hiring of a Hacker March 6, 2015, Matthew Goldstein, New York Times

The investigation of Mr. Saldarriaga and his company, Iona Research and Security Services, could now turn attention onto some of his clients, assuming they were aware he was hiring hackers to break into email accounts. In a posting on an older Yahoo message board used by private investigators, Mr. Saldarriaga said his company did work for about 20 law firms.

In recent years, federal authorities across the United States have begun focusing on private investigation services that work with hackers-for-hire to illegally gain access to email and social media accounts to gather information for investigations. Authorities are concerned that some lawyers might be working with hackers, either directly or indirectly, to obtain information that could be helpful in representing a client or preparing for trial.

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