Jesus Freaks Huddle For The Gaypocalypse - 2015-11-07

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F375.png Jesus Freaks Huddle For The Gaypocalypse November 7, 2015, Thor Benson, Daily Beast

This event is organized by conservative radio host Kevin Swanson, whose greatest hits include advocating for the execution of gay people and support for Uganda's draconian anti-homosexual laws, (a country where homosexuals experience "corrective rape"). He also thinks God is going to wipe out America over homosexuality and that America's welfare system goes hand-in-hand with prostituting women.

Another two speakers appearing at the conference have also called for gay people to be executed. Reverend Phillip Kayser has said he would approve of executing gay people, though he thinks it's unlikely to happen in America. Joel McDurmon, president of the Christian organization American Vision, has written "the homosexual act as a civil crime deserves the death penalty."

Bob Vander Plaats, the president of the conservative organization The Family Leader, will also be in attendance. He has compared supporting gay marriage to supporting slavery.

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