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Joy Villa's former manager: 'Scientology destroyed everything' - 2018-01-15

F347.png Joy Villa's former manager: 'Scientology destroyed everything' January 15, 2018, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We spoke this weekend to Robbie Olson, 62, a Tucson-based GOP conservative who spent part of last year shepherding political upstart Joy Villa, 31, as she was rapidly ascending the highest levels of the "Make America Great Again" movement and was even endorsed by Donald Trump himself.

Olson tells us he became enamored of Villa after her Grammy Awards appearance last year in a "Make America Great Again" dress, and invited her to speak at a Pima County, Arizona GOP meeting in September. He was impressed by her infectious enthusiasm and her vocal support for the president, and he offered to help manage her budding political aspirations.

Over the next few months, Olson helped her gain access to people like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Sean Hannity, Milo Yiannapoulos, and Kellyanne Conway, and helped her get appointed to Trump's campaign advisory board.

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