Kenney's UCP won't say if party expelled extremists - 2018-11-20

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F0.png Kenney's UCP won't say if party expelled extremists November 20, 2018, Ethan Cox, Ricochet Media

As controversy swirls around Alberta's United Conservative Party and the far-right associations of some of its members, the party is declining to answer questions about the membership status of six men identified by a Ricochet investigation as the operators of a white supremacist web store.

Last week, Ricochet reached out to the UCP's official media relations email account with a list of the men currently or formerly involved with Fireforce VenturesAdam Strashok, Keean Bexte, Henry Lung, Kyle Porter, Ryan Jorgensen and Wesley Taylor — and two simple questions: Were any of these men members of the party at any time? If so, have they been expelled from the party, or will they be expelled from the party?

An unsigned response Thursday evening asked for more time to conduct verifications. On Friday, we followed up and later that day a statement from party president Erika Barootes was provided. In it, she stated that none of the men we had named were currently members of the UCP.

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