Koch Network Alums Are Going Full-On White Nationalist - 2019-05-30

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F0.png Koch Network Alums Are Going Full-On White Nationalist May 30, 2019, Alex Kotch, Sludge

At a 1976 libertarian conference funded by oil executive Charles Koch, conservative think-tanker Leonard Liggio presented a paper on the Nazis' success at recruiting youth to their movement. Liggio urged the clandestine group of wealthy libertarians to embrace the Nazis' approach as a way to strengthen their own movement to slash taxes and gut regulations.

Now, decades later, multiple young men who have been affiliated with Koch's powerful political network have been exposed as members of a white nationalist group.

"Koch's academic operations are intended to develop extreme anti-government ideas and actions in students by exposing them to the Austrian school of economics and its various offshoots," Ralph Wilson, co-founder of the Corporate Genome Project and former research director of UnKoch My Campus, told Sludge/Right Wing Watch. "These ideologies make moral arguments for free markets using an overly individualistic notion of 'freedom' that has fed and capitalized on the anti-social impulses of frustrated youth for several generations, including white nationalists, paleo-conservatives, neo-confederates, and neo-Nazis."

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