Meet Mat Pesch Scientology Sea Org Veteran ~ Part One - 2014-07-21

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F355.png Meet Mat Pesch Scientology Sea Org Veteran ~ Part One July 21, 2014, SurvivingScientology, YouTube

Mat Pesch was a Sea Org member for almost thirty years. After routing out ijn 2005, Mat and his wife Amy Scobee went "under the radar" and wrote the now famous "Little Dickie Bedtime Stories." Link:

These stories helped to expose David Miscavige and the greed and violence inside the Church of Scientology.

Mat Pesch was the Treasury Secretary of the Flag Service Organization (FSO) in Clearwater, Florida. In this interview with Jeffrey Augustine, Mat recounts his experiences as Treasury Secretary in the 1990's. Mat corroborates the fact that Alexander Jentzsch was sexually molested at twelve years of age at Flag Land Base by Marie Warren, a 40 year old Sea Org member. After the sexual molestation was discovered by Church officials, the police were not called. Instead, Mat was ordered to find money for the airline tickets needed to fly Alexander and the Sea Org rapist out of the jurisdiction of local and state law enforcement. Mat offers his opinion that the Ideal Orgs were an "unusual solution" to Flag's enormous Advanced Payments liability.

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