Meet the people bankrolling James O'Keefe's group - 2017-11-29

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F0.png Meet the people bankrolling James O'Keefe's group November 29, 2017, Josh Israel, ThinkProgress

For the past seven years, conservative operative and convicted criminal James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas have used a mix of selective editing and guerilla filmmaking in a mostly unsuccessful series of attempts to discredit political opponents.

On Monday, their latest "sting" operation exploded in their face when The Washington Post caught on to an operative's false claims of statutory rape, designed to discredit those actually coming forward with stories of sexual assault and to undermine the paper itself.

Though this is the latest in a string of embarrassments for O'Keefe and his group, both remain well-funded. O'Keefe drew a salary of more than $235,000 in 2015 for his work as chairman of Project Veritas; his executive director received nearly $170,000 over that time. Their organizational revenue for the year was more than $3.7 million.

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