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Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 8 of 9

F355.png Mike McClaughry Guardian's Office 8 of 9 November 6, 2009, RighteousJusticeanon, YouTube

Transcribed by Xenubat (Sue M.)


MIKE McCLAUGHRY: As everybody now knows, you know, the GO was involved in this kind of thing. And I'd like to point out something that applies to today. Because the GO and all these things I'm talking about have not changed one bit. Just because they dismantled the GO and changed the name, uh, the hat and the personnel and what they're doing and are supposed to be doing hasn't changed a fraction, okay? It's the same thing. This is our daily work, you know. This isn't something that happened occasionally. This is what we went in to work to do every day and did every day. It was either getting spies in; breaking the law really didn't matter, you know, and doing Black Ops on people.

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