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More public servants could join detox regimen - 2010-03-26

F0.png More public servants could join detox regimen March 26, 2010, Nate Carlisle, Salt Lake Tribune

At least $390,000 in state money has been spent on the detoxification program since 2007, though no money was appropriated in the state legislative session that ended this month. The recent earmark was requested by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, who has been the most vocal public official supporting the project. The earmark was sponsored by Rep. Rob Bishop and both Utah senators.

Shurtleff earlier this month said he plans to try to raise more money -- both public and private -- to expand the program. That irks some toxicologists who argue the treatment does not do what it claims: remove toxins from the body.

"If taxpayers' money were used for this, then this is even more preposterous than the bridge to nowhere," said Utah State University toxicology professor Roger Coulombe, referring to a partially-built Alaskan bridge.

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