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My Scientology excommunication - 2012-05-05

F358.png My Scientology excommunication May 5, 2012, Kate Bornstein, Salon

"Mr. L. Ron Hubbard," the old guy said to me, "the bank so appreciates your business all these years, and it's such a pleasure to finally meet you in person."

Oops. No, this was much more than an oops -- this was a genuine oh fuck! It must have been the work of some SP (Suppressive Person -- Scientology's term for a person who is completely and irredeemably evil. Like me today; I'm an SP.) Well, some SP inside the Swiss banking conspiracy had obviously broken into the files of the Religious Research Foundation and falsely linked them to the Old Man. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I was a far superior being to the old man -- lying to him came easy.

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