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Narconon works - 1992-04-08

F23.png Narconon works April 8, 1992, Heber Jentzsch, Letters, Tulsa World

The reason the Church of Scientology supports the Narconon New Life Center at Chilocco is that the Narconon program works. The church and Narconon have taken over 100,000 people off drugs. Someone wants to make this a crime.

L. Ron Hubbard, who developed the drug rehabilitation technology used by Narconon, has received tens of thousands of awards and recognitions for his work to handle the ravages of drugs and better mankind.

Your recent (March 9-12) articles should not have attempted to demean a man who has served his country admirably. Hubbard's war record includes public records of his many medals which includes the Purple Heart (Palm) leaf cluster.

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