No, Canada isn't in danger of splitting up - 2019-07-19

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F99.png No, Canada isn't in danger of splitting up  July 19, 2019, Emma McIntosh, National Observer

A sinister drumbeat plays in the background as a globe spins across the screen, with Canada in clear focus.

A map of the country then cracks into pieces. "Canada could actually split up after the next election," a voiceover on the video says. The narrator goes on to suggest that many westerners in particular, "see no other choice" than to separate from Canada.

The video seems to base this idea on a poll released in February by the Angus Reid Institute, which found that 50 per cent of Albertans see separation from Canada as a "real possibility," and 60 per cent would support (either strongly or moderately) the province joining a separatist movement.

However, the claim is misleading — opinion polls are far less serious than a vote and might not represent what Albertans are actually willing to do, said Lori Williams, an associate professor of policy studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

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