Ontario Proud - same as it ever was - 2018-12-13

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F0.png Ontario Proud - same as it ever was December 13, 2018, Nora Loreto, Medium

The most famous front group in Canada has just been exposed — Ontario Proud. Here we are; history repeating itself as farce. Go through our article and you'll see a few names you'll recognize from that era.

One is Ryan O'Connor, who got so good at drawing front groups on campus that he put his skills to work in the real world. And bless him because don't we all wish we could be as effective as adults as we were as kids in undergrad? But he, and others, turned their campus organizing into organizing that has paid off handsomely: for developers, for anti-union corporations and lobbyists, and others. Time will tell what kind of anti-ice cream measures the Yogen Fruz family will get for their donation.

In the National Observer, Carl Meyer digs into O'Connor's appearance at the House of Commons' ethics committee. Ontario Proud received a lot of money from groups who will benefit handsomely from Doug Ford's policies. Far from the days of campus politics, where the stakes are low and the amount of power one can grasp is limited, here we see big money being poured into a digital front organization, paid for by corporations who want Ford to do their bidding. The predictable end to their successful campaign? Ford is gleefully doing their bidding.

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