Patriot Front Replaces Lawyer of Choice With Extremist - 2022-09-09

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F0.png Patriot Front Replaces Lawyer of Choice With Extremist September 9, 2022, Jeff Tischauser, Southern Poverty Law Center

From late 2021, members of the group with legal difficulties in Texas, where Patriot Front's leadership is based, began employing Van Dyke, where previously Gleason had been the only known attorney employed by members of the group in that state. At least two members replaced Gleason in favor of Van Dyke in the middle of proceedings, after members' complaints about his advocacy led Patriot Front's leader, Thomas Rousseau, to exclude "Harrison TX" – which Hatewatch has established as Gleason's movement alias – from the group's chat servers.

Additionally, sources with insider knowledge of the group have told Hatewatch that Van Dyke is not simply Patriot Front's lawyer of choice, but also a member. Evidence obtained from Patriot Front communications and reviewed by Hatewatch indicate that Van Dyke has participated in the group's internal chats under the alias "John TX." However, Van Dyke denied to Hatewatch that he is the person behind the pseudonym or that he is involved in Patriot Front, beyond serving as its legal counsel.

Van Dyke has so far proved his worth in a number of proceedings involving members of Patriot Front, including keeping a Patriot Front member accused of a violent felony in Texas out of jail after he was arrested with other Patriot Front members in Idaho.

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