Pierre Poilievre-Harper but with fangs bared - 2022-02-26

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F0.png Pierre Poilievre-Harper but with fangs bared February 26, 2022, Mitchell Thompson, The Breach

Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre spends his evenings listening to the dulcet tones of Robert Breedlove—a Bitcoin guru and Youtube streamer with questionable views on vaccines and the Holocaust.

"My wife and I have been known to watch YouTube and your channel late into the night once we've got the kids to bed," he told the host during an interview on a recent broadcast. "I've learned a lot."

But in terms of nerdy preoccupations, the Youtuber had nothing on Poilievre. "I would argue that one of the things that brought down Henry VIII was 'the great debasement,'" Poilievre told the confused Breedlove, as he went on a historical digression. "He melted down the British pound and filled it with copper so he could make more coins with the same amount of silver."

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