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Pissy Mitch McConnell Attacks Media For Calling Him Out On Russia - 2019-07-30

F0.png Pissy Mitch McConnell Attacks Media For Calling Him Out On Russia July 30, 2019, Bess Levin, Vanity Fair

Defending his decision to block the latest election-security bill, McConnell lashed out at the media for suggesting, correctly, that his actions are helping Russia, accusing it of participating in "modern-day McCarthyism" to "smear" his record. "The outrage industrial complex doesn't let a little thing like reality get in their way," McConnell complained in a nearly 30-minute rant. "They saw the perfect opportunity to distort and tell lies and fuel the flames of partisan hatred, and so they did."

"I was called unpatriotic, 'un-American,' and essentially treasonous by a couple of left-wing pundits on the basis of boldfaced lies," McConnell said. "I was accused of 'aiding and abetting' the very man I've singled out as our adversary and opposed for nearly 20 years: Vladimir Putin." He added: "This modern-day McCarthyism was pushed by big-time outlets. The smear that I am, quote, a 'Russian asset' ran in the opinion pages of the Washington Post." McConnell then claimed that he's actually all about stopping foreign interference, and has definitely not kneecapped bills that would protect U.S. elections because he thinks Russian interference will benefit Republicans like him (he's up for reelection in 2020). "These pundits are lying when they dismiss the work that has been done. They're lying when they insist that I have personally blocked actions which, in fact, I have championed," he insisted.

Minutes later, his Democratic counterpart, Chuck Schumer, took to the floor to note that not only has McConnell blocked numerous election-security bills, but he's refused to have a debate on the topic, or even propose his own legislation. "I still don't have a really clear idea why Leader McConnell is so adamantly opposed," Schumer said, suggesting that it might be to avoid a tantrum from Donald Trump. "He has put nothing on the floor on elections."

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